JPL's Dr. Linda J. Spilker to Speak at Starlight Festival

Meet JPL Scientist Dr. Linda J. Spilker of the Cassini Mission to Saturn.

Spilker will give you insight to what the Cassini Science Team learned about the Giant Ringed Planet during its nearly twenty year mission. 

Starlight Festival has an incredible line up of speakers and STEM experts that will amaze and thrill people of all ages. See our Speaker Schedule for more!

Dr. Mike Reynolds will give STEM Demonstrations at the Starlight Festival on May 26th and 27th, 2018

STEAM Ahead with Dr. Mike!

Dr. Mike Reynolds, Executive Director Emeritus of Chabot Space & Science Center and Professor of Astronomy at Florida State College Jacksonville's astroSTEM Workshop focuses on fun activities that will engage children, parents, and teachers alike. These are all hands-on activities, based on the latest best practices in astronomy education, you'll find him in the STEAM Zone. 

The Festival is at Yerkes Observatory 373 W. Geneva Street Williams Bay, Wisconsin

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Saturday - May 26th 2018, 10am - 11pm

Sunday - May 27th, 2018, 10am - 11pm