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People we attract to the Starlight Festival are science and astronomy enthusiasts from all walks of life. Families with young children and young adults attend because of the unique, entertaining and educational value of the event. The attractions and venues also speak to educators who want to learn more and share their experience with their students.

The festival is promoted on all social media outlets, TV, and radio to help ensure a healthy turnout. Further, the holiday weekend time frame and the beauty of Big Bear Lake itself lay a solid foundation for a successful event.

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The Starlight Festival provides a rare opportunity to tour the Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO). The BBSO is located on the north side of Big Bear Lake and home to the 1.6 meter clear aperture solar telescope – one of the largest in the world. The instrument provides a better understanding of dynamic storms and space weather, which has dramatic effects on Earth. The location is optimal due to the clarity of the sky and the presence of a body of water. Since the lake’s surface is almost 7,000 feet above sea level, the BBSO sits above a significant portion of the atmosphere allowing for an amazing experience.

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RTMC (Riverside Telescope Makers Conference)

The RTMC Astronomy Expo welcomes the Starlight Festival to the Big Bear Lake Village area in 2014. Since 1975 RTMC has been hosting events in this area because it’s the perfect place for observing from dark, dark skies. RTMC offers visitors of the festival the chance to explore the latest developments in amateur and commercial telescope making. And, through presentations covering observing, festival-goers can learn how to get started in astronomy.

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IT Creations

IT Creations, Inc. is an independent wholesale distributor of high-end servers, workstations and components in Los Angeles, California. IT Creations deals strictly with top quality products, and makes sure you are receiving what you expect, no surprises. IT Creations knows the importance of building relationships, and is committed to providing you with the best combination of hardware value and service available anywhere, online or offline!

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Stone Entertainment Group

When it comes to creating experiences that are comfortable, enjoyable, memorable, and world-class; nobody does it better than Stone Entertainment Group.  We are known for creating amazing experiences throughout Big Bear that includes Bear Creek Resort, Wolf Creek Resort, Fireside Lodge, The Wine Room, The Cave and Big Bear’s own Big Bear Lake Brewing Company. The experience gained through all of these venues helps Stone Entertainment Group create an experience that mingles excellence with service that is second to none. 

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Edgewood Mansion

Edgewood_LogoIf it is luxury that you are looking for, you will find it at Edgewood Mansion in beautiful Big Bear Lake, California. Sitting on acres of manicured grounds that nestle up to a national forest, this stunning 15,660-square-foot mansion offers lavish accommodations, extravagant amenities, flawless concierge service and inspiring mountain views. With its style and ideal location, it is the perfect place to go for corporate retreats, weddings, fundraisers, family reunions, private parties and unforgettable vacations.

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